Online Payments

Credit and Debit cards are commonly used as an online payment method, as well as Paypal and the local ‘Cartes Bancaires’, that are very popular and function as credit and debit card at the same time.

Most popular payment methods in France:
1. Debit/Credit card (52%)
2. Paypal (35%)
3. Invoice (4%)
4. Direct Debit (4%)

Cultural differences

Excusez-moi, s’il vous plait, de vous deranger, mais je ne parle pas bien francais’

French (business) culture is said to be rather formal and traditional, with authoritative hierarchical structures and a strict etiquette that should be taken into account. Respect for the language is equally important as a strong focus on individuality and information exchange.

Online behaviour

French online shoppers are patriots! 46% percent report to have never bought products from abroad online, simply because of a lack of trust in foreign online shops. Instead of focussing on the foreign origin, businesses from abroad can motivate French customers to ‘cross (virtual) borders’ by offering bargain deals (the French love a good bargain) or a wider range of products than their competitors. Another important factor is the language barrier: the majority of French online shoppers consider a lack of a proper translation a significant hurdle.