United Kingdom

Payment methods

Offering the locally preferred payment methods can be highly decisive to online success.

The most popular payment methods in the United Kingdom are:
1. Credit card (40%)
2. Debit card (35%)
3. Paypal (21%)
4. Other (4%)

Cultural differences

The Brits see themselves as polite, well-educated and understated people; dissociation from  ‘continental Europe’ is as much part of their culture as their class-consciousness. In a business setting, formality and professionalism are highly value. Small talk is appreciated, but should never be too casual. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to read the Brits and their subtle manners of communicating.

Online behaviour

Due to the competitiveness and the highly advanced online marketing techniques, CPCs are higher than the European average and customers ‘spoiled’ with many suitable offers. This results in an absolute necessity to provide excellent customer service, low cost shipping and return policies as well as customer friendly, top end marketing strategies.